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  • Katie Holmes, or How April Got All the Pieces*
    Katie Holmes, or How April Got All the Pieces*

    More than likely you’d have to have been living under a rock to have missed all the news on the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce . I have to admit, even as a family law attorney for whom such cases ...

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  • Case studies-Follow up.
    Case studies-Follow up.

    Previously on April 11, 2012, we blogged about several difficult cases involving parental discipline which resulted in unjust results and charges of child abuse. These cases, like most of our cases, ...

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  • Collaborative Divorce-A worthy endeavor
    Collaborative Divorce-A worthy endeavor

    Imagine negotiating your entire divorce without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom. Imagine negotiating with two attorneys interested in a mutually-beneficial result. Imagine also meeting with a ...

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  • Joint Home Ownership
    Joint Home Ownership

    One of the most frequent questions I am asked is whether or not a party should remain in the home or move out when divorce is filed. This blog answers that question for those who are married or ...

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  • "Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You In The Court of Facebook"

    We feel we should point out that, in the midst of your reading this blog entry, there is a very strong likelihood that you are presently under electronic surveillance. It is furthermore quite likely ...

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  • Grandparent
    Grandparent "Rights"

    This is a misleading term. Grandparent Rights implies that grandparents indeed have some sort of legal rights as far as their grandchildren are concerned. Further, the term seems to imply that ...

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