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Settlement Facilitation

The Process & Importance of Settlement Facilitation

In almost all divorce cases, courts order a form of mediation known as settlement facilitation. Settlement facilitation occurs at the later stages of trial preparation, after we have exchanged all documentation and exhibits during what is known as the “discovery period” and generally marshalled our arguments. Then we are ready for trial and understand virtually all the issues that will be raised during court proceedings. It is at this point that we are in the best position to meaningfully attempt to settle your case.

Settlement facilitations also almost always involve what we call “shuttle mediation.” Shuttle mediation occurs when one party and their lawyer are in one room, the other party and their lawyer are in another room, and a neutral, experienced family law attorney (the settlement facilitator) “shuttles” proposals back and forth. During all of this back-and-forth, the settlement facilitator discusses the strengths and weaknesses of their positions with each party and their lawyer, as well as the potential risks and rewards of proceeding to trial.

Selecting the Right Settlement Facilitator Is Key

The vast majority of cases settle at some point before trial due to settlement facilitation. This can save time, money, and energy for all parties involved and is generally preferable to going to court. In order to get the best possible outcome and achieve a desirable settlement, you must bring in a seasoned settlement facilitator with a track record of success in resolving family matters.

Settlement Facilitation Services for Families in Albuquerque

At Cortez & Hoskovec, LLC, we offer settlement facilitation services to clients in need of skillful mediation during divorce, child custody matters, and other family law proceedings. We have a long history of successful negotiation, and we may be able to help you reach a positive outcome and avoid going to court. If you are in need of a settlement facilitator, connect with a member of our team to learn how we can serve you during this time.

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