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In the event of a divorce, sometimes it is hard for both spouses to function financially as they once did, one spouse having grown dependent on the other economically. Often the parties may have agreed that one party would stay home and care for the home or the children. Alternatively, one spouse may have lost his or her employment and may be involuntarily unemployed. Spousal support may be ordered by a judge in the form of money paid by one spouse to another to offset the financial loss created by the severance of their union.

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Types of Spousal Support in New Mexico

In New Mexico, there are four types of spousal supports that can be awarded:

  • Rehabilitative alimony is intended to help one spouse obtain an education or vocational training so that he or she can earn a better income and become self-sufficient.
  • Transitional alimony is awarded on a temporary basis to supplement one spouse’s income for a period of time, ranging from several months to several years.
  • Permanent alimony is paid regularly for an indefinite period of time but may be discontinued if the paying spouse successfully petitions the court. This type of divorce alimony may be granted in long-term marriages of 20 or more years when the incomes between the two spouses are substantially unequal.
  • Lump-Sum alimony is a one-time payment made in the form of cash or property. 

How is alimony determined in New Mexico?

A variety of factors can influence your alimony settlement in New Mexico. Primarily, the income of you and your spouse and whether or not you have children together. According to the New Mexico Supreme Court, alimony may also be influenced by combined income. If support is non-deductible and the couple’s combined income exceeds a certain amount, for example, alimony may be reduced.

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