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Enlisting the help of experienced Albuquerque child custody lawyers can help minimize the impact the divorce and custody arrangements has on your children. Divorce can be an unsettling experience for you and your family as everyone adjusts to a new lifestyle. With so many options available in child custody matters, we fight aggressively to ensure that the outcome is suited to your child's best interests - we can even help grandparents that are seeking custody rights.

As a result of the divorce, your children can feel a great deal of anxiety as their relationship with their parents is on the verge of changing. Our firm at Cortez & Hoskovec, LCC has over 30 years of experience helping many clients find favorable custody agreements through mediation and through the court.

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Forms of Child Custody in New Mexico

There are forms of legal custody and physical custody:

  • Joint custody means that you and your ex-spouse work together to make decisions regarding and potential major changes in your children’s lives.
  • Sole custody is award to one parent who is able to make changes in their children’s lives without consulting the other parent.
  • Shared custody is where the children spend time living at both parent’s residences. This form of custody does require cooperation from both parents.
  • Primary custody means the children primarily reside with one parent. While many parents what primary custody, the children’s best interest should be pursued.

Honest & Aggressive Representation

When your relationship with your children is hanging in the balance, you can turn the Albuquerque family law attorneys at Cortez & Hoskovec, LLC. We are committed to working with our clients throughout every step of the custody process. Our team can operate based on your best interest and the best interest of your children. At our law firm, we are focused strictly on family law and can bring our exclusive experience to your child custody case.

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