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Divorce Solutions Outside the Courtroom

Couple during mediationIf you and your ex-spouse feel like you are able to work out an effective compromise outside of the court on many family law issues – such as child custody, retirement, child support, and more. Divorce mediation allows for both parties to work with a trained professional and reach an agreement on the details of your divorce. Having an experienced mediator can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the mediation process.

At Cortez & Hoskovec, LLC, our Albuquerque mediation lawyer can help you resolve many aspects of your divorce.

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How Mediation Works

For divorce mediation, you and your ex-spouse meet with an Albuquerque mediation attorney to arrange the details of the divorce. Over the course of the mediation process, many topics can be discussed and peacefully resolved. However, if a resolution is not achieved, then the mediator will be unable to represent either party in the court and the court will ultimately determine how the issue should be resolved.

The Benefits of Choosing Mediation

By choosing to do divorce mediation, you are able to enjoy:

  • A more affordable option with fewer legal costs
  • You are a part of the solutions
  • A confidential process
  • A potentially less stressful situation for you and your family

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Having an established and seasoned Albuquerque divorce mediator can be a huge advantage for you and your ex-spouse. Cortez & Hoskovec, LLC can help by effectively sorting through any unresolved legal issues you might encounter. We are also able to make sure that mediated agreements are legally sound as legal professionals.

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