Michelle's Last Blog

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I started this firm just under 27 years ago. At that time, I was a young attorney with more bravado than sense or knowledge. But through word of mouth and a small yellow page ad, my fledgling business grew. Over the years, I gained a reputation for being well-prepared, reasonable and respectful, sometimes a rarity in this field of law. My knowledge and passion for the law grew as well. Eventually I began hiring associates.

In 2009, my brother-in-law, William Hoskovec graduated from law school. I quickly saw a significant amount of potential in him and despite my lack of patience for training a new associate, he stuck it out. Five years later, we joined up as partners and the firm quickly grew.

As a partner, William has been savvy, supportive and honest, everything you could ask for in a partner. Together we formed the firm known as Cortez & Hoskovec, LLC., a firm well-known for its litigation skills as well as its knowledge of the law. The firm grew from four employees to the 11 we have today.

This is my final blog as I am embarking on my new venture ABQ Facilitation. I will no longer be representing clients, but instead will be conducting only mediations and facilitations. This will include mediations from the public, as well as referrals from court and counsel, also generally known as settlement facilitations.

I have long preferred mediation over litigation as a means of settling cases. With mediation, you can formulate your own settlement, rather than accept what the court gives you. I love the creativity involved in mediation as opposed to the acrimony of litigation. During the Covid pandemic, I came to realize I no longer had the heart for litigation and decided to hand over the reins of the firm to the capable hands of William.

Since is my last blog, allow me to wax poetic about the friends and family I am leaving behind.

First William. William is a fabulous attorney, well-versed in both the legalities and mechanics of family law. He knows when to settle a case and when to take it to trial. He is responsive to his clients and other counsel. He is respectful to the judges while pushing back when the hearing is not going as planned. He is a great choice for those wanting an aggressive attorney who is well-prepared for every hearing. If your case involves complex litigation, business division or spousal support, William is your guy.

William’s paralegal is Juliusz. Juliusz has dual bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology, a real bad ass when it comes to court preparation. He’s been with the firm for just over five years and he and William make a great team.

Pamela Faris has been a practicing attorney since 2020. We have been extremely impressed with how quickly she picked up the practice of family law. Pamela is amazing at keeping in touch with clients whether they need to hear from her once a month, once a week or those who need daily hand holding. She is brilliant at formulating arguments in order to meet her clients’ wants and needs.

Pamela’s paralegal is Ivette who is and has been one of my favorite people in the world. Ivette was originally William’s paralegal until I realized how amazing she was and I requisitioned her from William. She was my paralegal for 10 years before transitioning to Pamela. We made an amazing team. She kept me well-prepared for every hearing. I don’t think I ever missed a deadline until she left my service.

Amir is our newest associate, but he’s been a practicing attorney since 2014. He worked as a district attorney until he moved to our firm earlier this year. That means he knows how to put on a trial. He is meticulous with his details and persuasive with his arguments.

Amir’s paralegal is Keifer, the newest member of the firm. You are actually getting more bang for your buck if you hire Amir, because you are getting two attorneys for the price of one. Keifer recently graduated from law school and is preparing to take the New Mexico bar exam. With the hiring of Keifer and summer law clerk Lliam, the firm now has an equal number of men and women.

Letty, Shannon, Lliam and the receptionist make up the remainder of our support staff. Letty is the firm’s star. She manages all the staff, all the accounts payable and receivable, the books, the banking, the taxes and all meetings. The list could go on and on. She’s been with the firm for over three years and we literally could not live without her.

The receptionist (who will not be named), like Letty is truly invaluable. She has brought more clients into the firm with her friendliness and confidence than any other single person in the firm. Her calm brings a sense to peace to everyone who calls the firm. She has been with the firm for just over three years. She also does the majority of our filing.

Shannon and Lliam personify the firm as a family law firm, as Shannon is William’s wife and Lliam his son. Many of you may not know that William is also my brother in law. I am married to his brother. Shannon is our marketing director. She is the one who helps keep us on the first page of Google. She also steps in when the receptionist is engaged in elsewhere.

Lliam is our summer file clerk. As you might imagine, four attorneys and three paralegals generate A LOT of paper. We’ve cut down on paper consumption considerably over the past few years as most documents are stored digitally, however the courts have not gone paperless, engendering a need for filing and paper exhibits. Lliam has had an enormous contribution since starting just two weeks ago.

All of my clients will be in great hands with this team. I don’t have any concerns about passing off my clients to each individual team member. As my clients know, you have been my top priority. I’m awake at night thinking about your case, I dream about your case, I cry with you, I yell with/at you. I will miss you all terribly, but I am also excited about this new adventure.

You will be able to contact me at michelle@abqfacilitation.com. Au revoir!