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When To Call it Quits: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Divorce

Anyone who watches Keeping Up With the Kardashians probably saw it coming: after months of speculation, Khloe Kardashian finally filed for divorce from basket-ball star husband Lamar Odom on December 13 last year.

For months, Odom gained unflattering press attention when tabloids accused him of having affairs and doing drugs when his wife wasn’t around.

Fans of the show would probably express surprise that the marriage didn’t end sooner after watching it fall apart for so many months. And that begs the question: when your marriage is in trouble, when is it time to call it quits?

When is it Time to Divorce?

The Kardashian-Odom divorce shows us is that marriages don’t end overnight. Usually a relationship wears down gradually and the couple divorces after being unhappy for a long time. Here are a few signs that your marriage needs help:

You keep fighting over the same things. All couples argue, but if you and your spouse are unable to resolve your conflicts in a healthy way, it might be time to divorce. Ongoing issues that never get fixed and fights that end with little progress could indicate you and your partner are no longer able meet each other’s needs or repair the past.

You are no longer intimate. If you and your partner are no longer sleeping in the same bed and never share affectionate words or contact, it can be a sign that you are no longer truly intimate—physically or emotionally. Emotional intimacy is the essence of a romantic relationship and not being able to get it back could signal the end of your relationship.

You or your spouse refuses to try. If you or your spouse refuses to work through problems or put any effort into the relationship, your marriage may be over. In marriage, both partners need to strive to work out problems together. If one partner isn’t “into it”, it’s better to move on.

You don’t spend time together. If you find yourself staying late at work to avoid the other person, or if you pour all of your interest into your children to avoid focusing on your marriage, it could be a sign of marital problems. Couples should spend time together and want to spend time together. Otherwise, they tend to grow apart.

Your relationship is abusive. If physical, emotional or sexual violence is present in your marriage, it is absolutely time to call it quits. If you are a victim of abuse, look up local resources (such as women’s shelters) to help you leave the relationship in a safe way.

It’s difficult to say exactly when to divorce, but the above are all signs that your marriage is in trouble. One way to decide whether or not to divorce is to meet with a marriage counselor to discuss your marital problems and decide the best way to get through them.

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