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Our bLAWg - The Ins and Outs of Family Law in New Mexico

is is the inaugural post for “Our bLAWg –The Ins and Outs of Family Law in New Mexico. We hope you find it both informative and a beneficial use of your time. In some of our upcoming bLAWgs, you will find useful information of father’s rights, how to handle holiday visitation, and the benefits to a mediated, collaborative or uncontested divorce.

First, a little information on Cortez & Hoskovec, LLC. The firm was established by myself, Michelle Cortez, in 1996. I was born and raised in Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in journalism in 1990 and my law degree in 1995. I met my husband at the University of Nebraska and we relocated to New Mexico in 1995. I trained under several local attorneys for a short time before opening my own firm in 1996.

Why Family Law? I practice family law because it is truly my calling. Perhaps it is the relational aspect. I actually enjoy hearing about each individual client’s problems and finding solutions to those problems. I enjoy the specialized aspects of family law. I enjoy mediating their issues and helping them find solutions to their unique legal problems. And yes, when necessary, I enjoy battling for my client’s rights.

We enjoy your comments on our bLAWg which you can email to michelle@cortezfamilylaw.com. See you next Monday.