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Quick Divorce

When a marriage ends, the people involved often want the situation resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. The divorce process involves, by necessity, contact and communication with the person you are divorcing, and this can be emotionally difficult.

At Cortez & Hoskovec, LLC, we know that divorce is never easy. We strive to help our clients reach the quickest and least painful end to their marriage without sacrificing their best interests. If you need divorce help in Albuquerque, count on our family law experts to see you through it.

How Can I Get a Divorce Fast in New Mexico?

The easiest and fastest way to end a marriage is an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both parties negotiate all of the terms of the divorce. An attorney can help negotiate the terms, but both parties must agree and sign the documents after which time, the documents are filed with the court. If either party refuses a term or refuses to sign, the divorce becomes contested.

Once the case is contested, it doesn’t necessarily mean the parties must go to court, it just means that the parties must utilize some other means to reach an agreement, whether through a mediator or through the judge in court. Even if your case is contested, you may contact our attorneys to mediate the matter for you. Our knowledge and assistance may help you discover paths to agreement that you and your partner had not considered.

How Long Does a Quick Divorce Take?

A straightforward divorce case can be finalized in about four to six months. However, the exact length for your divorce process will vary depending on how quickly you are able to agree on finances and other details, such as child custody and visitation.

What Are the Requirements for a Quick Divorce in New Mexico?

In order to quickly file for divorce in New Mexico, both spouses need to agree on the following issues:

  • that the marriage must end due to incompatibility (and reconciliation is unlikely);
  • how to divide marital property and debt; and
  • whether there will be spousal support or alimony.

If you have children below the age of 18, you must also agree on a parenting plan, which includes custody, visitation and child support.

Don’t Rush to Settle

Although a drawn out divorce process can be emotionally draining, think carefully before agreeing to an uncontested divorce. The end of a marriage is a tumultuous time in life, and it can be difficult to think rationally and objectively about your situation. Accepting the terms of a divorce simply to resolve the situation quickly may have long-reaching and even devastating effects on your future.

Uncontested divorce can be the right choice for many couples, but don’t go into it without help. Count on the experience and knowledge of a qualified divorce attorney who can review the details of your specific case and advise you as to the best course of action to protect your rights and interests.

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